Lumeline lamp is a combination of a modern, minimalist form with a professional light source. When creating this lamp our main concerns was quality and comfort of work coupled with the health of the users. We were able to combine the benefits of a linear light source (wide work area with no shadows) and a table top light (flexible angle and position of the light source).


Multiple options for regulation and positioning.

It is an adjustable floor lamp that provides the right lighting anywhere, without taking up much space. By adjusting the height and angle of lighting in three axes, it gives a full range of possibilities of use and applications. At the vertical position of the lampshade, the longer version reaches up to 270 cm in total height. The use of a specially designed ratchet mechanism ensures an easy to use, step-by-step adjustment of the angle of inclination towards the floor, i.e. from 90° to 180° (with every step of 17°), as well as a smooth rotation, up to 270°, of the lampshade itself. Brightness adjustment (dimming) in LED version is also possible.

Proper amount of light

The light intensity calculated for a source of light of 115 cm, located 50 cm from the working surface, is about 3000 lux at any point of area of about 1.5 m2.  This amount of light is enough for event the most detailed manual works.

Uniform lighting

Uniform lighting of the work area and elimination of shadows is possible thanks to linear light source,  90 or 115 cm.

Good colour reproduction

The use of the highest quality of LED lighting or (respectively) modern T5 fluorescent lamps enables faithful preservation of mapped colours (CRI over 90Ra), guaranteeing that the colours will be natural, rich, deep and saturated in the same way as in daylight. In the “Sunray LED Reference” lamps, the “SunLike” LEDs provide a new quality of light with a spectrum of light as close as possible to natural sunlight CRI(97+).

This is especially important in ambiences where exact color of the product needs to be shown, like:

exhibition facilities such as museums, health and beauty facilities, fine art painting stores, fashion departments, printing stores, fine jewellery stores, etc.

Ability to select the colour of the light

The best colour temperature for work is white light, about 4000-5200 K
Available color temperature in our lamps: 3000K,4000K(LED) and 4000 K, 5200 K(fluorescent tube). Other are available at special request.

Care for health

Good lighting is of key importance for our eyesight and general health. It increases the effectiveness of work by minimizing the tiredness and provides good mood thanks to the best lighting parameters.

Thanks to SunLike LEDs,  Spectra luminaires closely match the spectrum of natural sunlight, maximize the advantage of natural light and minimizes the shortcomings of artificial light source. They follow the human biorhythm and contribute to a better and healthier environment.

The combination of LED Chip technology from Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R phosphor technology developed by Toshiba results in a purple LED with special qualities. This state-of-the-art technology creates a more intimate and nature-based lighting environment without the negative effects of excessive blue light on the eye or human biorhythms

Well designed

Sunray Lamp is the winner of the competition: “Top Design Award 2018”, in lighting category.

Long operating life

This investment will serve you for many years as we use only high-class natural materials:

anodized aluminium, oak wood and steel.

The lamp is a Polish product, based on modern light sources.

The latest electronic “preheat start” control extends the operating life.

In a fluorescent tube it’s about 30000h, and in Led’s wersions about 50000h.


Manual user


Variety of settings



Technical specs