We all need good light

Nothing can replace daylight but when it gets dark outside we utilize light sources that are most similar to sunlight.

We offer robust, regulated, portable lamps with a full-spectrum light source, which means the widest range of colour performance (above 90 Ra), with daylight colour temperature and anti-stress properties. They are dedicated to all who value high quality and care for their health.



Children's room



We have tested our lamps on ourselves

We are a team of people with complementary skills: on one hand, artists dependent on good light and, on the other, creative designers driven to create. Our first lamps were created for own use, mostly for artistic work (painting). In a short time, we have discovered that our children liked doing homework under our lamps.

To answer the growing interest, we have decided to start limited production as it is the only way in which we can guarantee high quality. So, our work is something of a handicraft, based on best materials and reliable production, which we oversee ourselves. We are guided by the idea of the artisan-workshops of old, where the wares were of such quality and reliability that is hard to come by nowadays.


Our presence

Fabriano in Acquarello 2019,
Winner of the competition: "ZAPROJEKTOWANE PO LUDZKU"
Lumeline lamps at ECWS symposium in Cracow
Biznes up, Łodź 2018
Exhibition 04.10-07.10 2018

Museum of textile, Łódź

Lumeline lamps on design Exhibition

Instytut Dizajnu w Kielcach

international home furnishings fair 04-07.11.2018

Warsaw home 2018

Lumeline as a sponsor on watercolor festival

Fabriano in acquarello 2018

Lumeline lamps on european watercolor symposium

ECWS festival in Cracow 2018

TOP DESIGN AWARD 2018 in lighting category.
Silesia Bazaar- Katowice 2018
Warsaw HOME 2017
Watercolor Symposium in Fabriano  2017
 Fabriano in Acquarello 2017. Italy
Fabriano in Acquarello 2017. Italy
Ryszard Rogala. Watercolor Symposium in Alessandria 2016 Italy.
 Michał Suffczyński. Symposium Alessandria 2016. Italy
Papalia Lucy from Australia. Symposium Alessandria 2016
Open air  Polish Watercolor Society

Open air  Polish Watercolor Society

ŁAGÓW 2015
Open air  Polish Watercolor Society